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Grazie. Thank you. Danke. Gracias. Merci.

To be here above all, to appreciate our works and our colors. It is very important to us.
“Barbarico” is born from a wordplay.
[Barbara + Federico]
It contains the colors that we have made and especially used in the last two years. It contains the fruits of our hard work, of our little big inner world that we have decided to share with you all.It can be a possible starting point for your creative journey.
[BlackHeart, The Ring, The Eye and SoulMate]. A black and white preset and three colors:

What’s inside Barbarico?



Black’n’White obsession

A “grainy” black and white that goes “hand in hand” with film vintage styles but gives a nod to modernity. Not contrasted, but light on the hardest shadows, and soft on the brightest lights. It is splendid when used for portraits. For black and white lovers, it is our workhorse for more than two years.


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The Ring

A new Beginning

Every explorer needs a guide, and this preset has been created to accompany your creative journey. Lights on cool tones and shades on warm colors, are well blended together to create mixed feelings but fascinating. The inevitable grain makes it much more three-dimensional and “material”.

It’s ideal for wedding or travel photography.


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The Eye

For real Storytellers

The beauty of this colors, like SoulMate, is that they are timeless. With warm tones but with a nostalgic and little contrasting mood, this color will give your photos a dreamlike and vintage mood. It’s great for weddings, portraits, travel and personal projects.


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Love Stories need it

When nostalgia meets modernity in a definitive way. Inspired by the “dramatic” mood of the cinema and the soft and vintage colors of the old films, this color has a splendid rendering in both indoor and outdoor photos, both with the cloudy sky and hard backlight.

It comes from our deep love for cinema and film photography.


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